Let our experts infuse your organization with proven IT and engineering resources, so you can generate superior technology solutions to excel in today’s changing markets. The E22 team has successfully developed over 300 commercial software projects for leading companies in the Internet and technology sectors, as well as a range of Fortune 500 companies.

Project Management Services

Application Development

  • Project Management
  • Architecture and System Design
  • Programming
  • Testing / QA
E22’s leadership team has over 35 years of combined software development and IT systems experience. Let us leverage our experience to assist with your IT system deployment, or new application development initiative. We can lead a project from start to finish, or work under your team’s direction to provide design, programming, or testing services.

Application Porting / Extension

  • Port an application to new platforms
  • Extend functionality of an existing application
  • Optimize, secure, or scale existing systems
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E22 can help you quickly and cost effectively modify an existing application or IT system. Our teams can port your application to one or more new platforms, extend your system’s functionality with incremental enhancements, or help you strengthen existing systems to provide increased scaling or security capabilities.

Team Augmentation

  • On-demand resources to temporarily supplement your team
  • Access veteran Project Management, Programming, QA, and Ops resources
E22’s Team Augmentation service allows you to temporarily increase the capabilities of your team during project workload spikes, or when meeting critical deadlines or operational performance criteria are at risk. E22 can quickly build and deploy a team of supplemental resources to help you achieve success.